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We might feel very tired of walking the street the whole day or sometime is could be very stressful for our fee to stand the whole time if you are working as a sales clerk or even working in a grocery store and department stores. It could add up as well the shoes that we need to wear every day. It brings discomfort to our feet and even to our toe nails. There are some people like the receptionists at the hotel would stand the whole day wearing their high heels. It would give them the feeling of sore and even may end up having a swollen toe. That is the reason why it would be very wonderful if you are going to give your feel some time to relax and have a break from tremendous foot wears and activities. Why not make your own way to feel them comfortable during your rest or day off? You could have and make your own foot spa if you are on a tight budget. You don’t need to go to expensive float spa Columbus Ohio. Just to have a relaxing treat for yourself. There are just some easy and simple ways to make it.  


  1. All you need to create and give your place a very relaxing and soothing ambiance. You need to prepare some candles to add up to the environment and making it like you are in the real spa. Towel of course, for you to dry your feet and of course prepare extra towels for your own body. Don’t forget about the scrubs and lotions and creams that you are going to use. You can play a good music while doing this.  
  2. Next, make sure to put some water to your tub. Add some warm water to it and then try to feel if you can resist the hotness or not.  
  3. After filling the tub or even the small basin that you have there with enough warm or lukewarm water. You may not add and put the liquid bath soap to the basin or to the small tub. You could add some salt, oils and other things that you want to be in there.  
  4. Soaking your feet there is the next step. It will help to soften your skin after soaking it for about 15 minutes to at least 20 minutes. You can read books or magazines while soaking your feet to the tub. You may even watch a movie while doing this.  
  5. After at least 20 minutes. You may now try to use the body scrub to apply to your feet and scrub it. There is also available foot scrub that you may buy in the super market stores.  
  6. You can massage your feet gently and rinse it after.  
  7. You may now dry it with the towel that you have prepared.  
  8. If you know how to clean your toe nails. Then, this is the perfect time for you to remove those dead skin cells around your toe nails.  

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