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Most of the people now are having their own cars. Using this vehicle can make you go anywhere you would like. Having this does not mean you don’t have any responsibilities now. You are old enough to make sure that everything is going fine and you have to clean your car as well every time.  


Others are spending too much money just to give their car some new and fresh look inside and outside. Sometimes they will look for a car detailing near me to have it done. The truth here is that, there are some simple and basic steps to achieve a good result.  

Tested and proven that you don’t need to use a lot of cash just to come up with a very refreshing smell in your car or even having shiny window glass. You don’t need to go to car wash service center to clean up every part of your car.  

Let’s tart inside your car, it is a common problem for some that there is a terrible smell inside of it. Buying air fresheners would cost you a lot. Why not to try to use some wooden clips for clothes and spray some of your cologne or perfume to it. Then, put it or attach it inside your car. You may use as many as you can.  

If you have some olive oil in your kitchen, it is possible to use it to clean your leather seats. You can use this one as well for your car’s glass or window shield. Don’t use too much for the seat as it may it result to becoming oily and greasy.  

In your kitchen you can find many useful things to help you with this. Not only for washing your dishes but also a good alternative in cleaning the tires are powder cleaners. Try to mix some blech to this and then apply it to your tire. Scrub it gently and you would have an amazing outcome.  

Additional to kitchen equipment that you may use is the sponge or any foamy thing that you use. You can use it to remove and wipe away the dirt and dust inside. You may also use your wet wipe to get rid of those sticky things.  

Foams and sponges can be used only for those outer part layer. You have another useful tool which you can use and that is your old toothbrush. It can get away those dust in the inner part.  

Who would have thought that using your brush for teeth and toothpaste for cleaning. This is a good option for cleaning your side mirror, lights and lamps. Running out of wax? Then you probably have some hair conditioner. It may use another way to make your vehicle shiny. Mixing kerosene with water is also a good choice to make it visibly clean and clear. You don’t need to worry no more and you can perfectly use it.  

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