Preparing your A/C for Summer and Spring

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Typically, it is a great concept to think about doing few regular maintenances on your A/C at the start of the heating season. You could help to make sure a problem-free summer cooling season with a little effort and several checks. 

A/C for Summer

Check the Outdoor Unit Panels 

The outdoor unit panels are developed to cover the electrical connections and should be there to help secure both the system and yourself. It can cause possible hazard for both the equipment’s operation and your home if the panel is misaligned or if you’re missing a panel. You must call an expert before turning your system on if the panel enclosing the electrical connections is out of place or missing. 

Remove any Lids, Coil Blankets, or Covers 

Make sure that you remove the cover before turning the system on if you covered your outdoor coil. The covers insulate and protect the coil. However, it also constricts the transfer of heat. Turning the system on with any of these covers in place can damage the system severely. A lot of individuals forget to remove the covers each year. This results in huge ac repair or even replacement of the entire system. 

Replace or Repair any Pipe Insulation that’s Damaged 

The bigger copper pipe (suction line) helps to provide cool refrigerant back to the compressor in your outdoor unit. It can cause a loss of needed cooling for your outdoor unit if the suction pipe of the system has an insulation that’s damaged. This might cause a low energy efficiency and might damage your system. Keep in mind that the insulation must be intact to keep the cooling of your system. You should replace the insulation before turning on your system if its insulation requires replacement.  

Remove Debris Found from the Outdoor Coil 

You may find vegetation or trash blown against or into the coil. This depends on where you are living or which side of your home the system is located on.  

Change Air Filters 

Usually, it is a good time to replace the air filters during the changing season. You must ensure to replace the filter before the cooling season since your filter might have gathered a lot of dust and debris than normal.  

Turn it On 

After doing what is written above, you should turn your A/C system and be sure that it works. You must do this on a hot day. This will give you an idea about the efficiency of your system. If there are issues, turn your system off and contact a reliable HVAC professional who could examine the issue. You could do more damage to your system if you leave it on.  

A licensed and qualified HVAC professional could help you do a complete inspection to prevent any failure of your A/C system during the hottest season of the year. The professional could also help in addressing any problems you experience. Thus, let him/her know what you found during the inspection you have conducted.  

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